When selecting fonts for this website, I was looking to combine my love for 70’s psychedelia and gothic blackletter while keeping everything mostly legible and accessible.

Fonts used on this website:
Juniper Std is used for the bigger titles
Cal Fraktur Modern is used for blackletter titles
Cooper Std is used for the second level of titles
Distro is used for the third level of titles
Wrenema is used for body text

If you’re into cool fonts look up this directory of open source fonts by womxn and this crazy foundry making free fonts.


This website is basically a collection of html files in folders, generated by Hugo. I’m currently in the process of getting rid of all javascript on it and optimize the images to make it lighter and faster to load. I also plan to move away from AWS for hosting because fuck Jeff Bezos.

Last modified on 2021-06-21, published on 2020-10-26