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Custom lettering work

I have quite a bit of experience doing lettering work and logos for bands of a good range of genres but mostly black metal, doom, dungeon synth, noise and experimental music.

When you commission me a logo, the first step is talking a bit more with you about what you’re envisioning and getting any inspirations that you like as a reference point (you can also just give me wildcard and I’ll work from the music and the name itself). Once I have this I’ll do some sketches and send them to you. We can then do a round of adjustments on these sketches if needed and then I complete the final logo from the selected sketch.

The prices indicated on this page are a general guideline, depending on the specifics of the project, the planned usage, the amount of work and detail these can vary.

I also offered reduced pricing for BIPOC, trans and non-binary people and everyone who is in a tougher financial situation, just mention it to me when reaching out :)

450$ cad

The most common choice, a custom lettering piece with your project name and some ornementation if desired.

Hand-drawn symbol

225$ cad

Only a symbol or sigil with either a letter or an illustration only, this can complement an existing logo.

Hand-drawn text logo + symbol

600$ cad

This package includes the logo and a symbol with the possibility of having a version of the logo incorporating the symbol.

Hand-drawn text logo + symbol + extra small illustrations

825$ cad

The biggest package, including logo, symbol and extra small illustrations. This is really useful if you plan on making merch or for making a more complete album sleeve.

I ask for half of the price before starting work and the other half upon reception of the final files. These prices includes hi-res files in black and white with transparent background (I can also include one in color in there if needed).

If you’re interested in commissioning a custom lettering piece, reach out at [email protected].

Last modified on 2024-05-08, published on 2022-09-26