I am Lizbeth Poirier, a designer and illustrator, goth druid, musician and craftsperson.

My pronouns are she/her.

Lizbeth against a rock background
Portrait by Hex

I am currently taking commission work for design , illustration , lettering and web projects (especially anything relating to folklore, occultism, activism music and art).

I am also crafting ritual tools and small handcrafted wooden items.

To discuss those, email me at: [email protected]

If you enjoy what I’m posting here and creating and want to support me you can do so over here:

This website is part portfolio , part digital garden and part recipe blog . It is where I collect and expand upon my thoughts and discoveries, and where I showcase what I create, craft and conjure.

Read more on how it was made in the Colophon .

See the whole structure in the Tree .

Explore projects over time in the Timeline .

My past work experience includes working as a UI/UX and graphic designer in startups such as FoodRelay, Tangea, and l’Institut du Leadership en e-learning.

I’ve worked as an art school technician, building woodworking shops, teaching woodworking, animation, 3D modelling, playing with 3D printers and helping students realize their creative ideas no matter what medium they required.

I have studied visual and media arts at UQAM, focussing primarily on print (from screen printing to lithography) and the intersection of design, writing and art to explore themes of identity, gender and politics.

I am part of the MontrĂ©al interactive community and I’ve done talks and shared my process at some of their events.