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Are you ok?

Music video / ritual performance for the first song released by Voidxwitch , titled “are you ok?”. Shot in one night after a storm in rural Quebec.

We took plenty of inspiration from witchhouse and traumacore while developing visuals that are unique to Hex’s project. Most of the shots were lit with a light mounted on the camera to emulate old-school camcorders like the one used in Blair Witch, we also shot the whole thing handheld to be able to follow the movements of Hex during the performance and add some nice camera shake. The whole thing was shot in digital but was processed to resemble a video playing back from a VHS.

All the illustrations and the typography were hand-drawn and animated with a low frame rate for that imperfect wonkyness.

Credits and details

Direction / Performance / Outfits : Hex Evans
Photography / Editing / Illustrations : Lizbeth Poirier

Shot handheld on the Sony A6300 with a 24mm prime lens
Edited and color graded in DaVinci Resolve

Last modified on 2024-07-11, published on 2022-07-28