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Preparing for your tattoo session

Table of contents

The week before

Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated, this will help your skin be in better condition for tattooing and heal better. Moisturize your skin regularly to keep it in its optimal condition.

The day before

Shave the general area where you want your tattoo while being careful not to break or cut the skin since damaged skin cannot be tattooed and has to heal before.
If you usually wax, do it a couple days before your tattoo to allow your skin to heal from the waxing process before getting tattooed.
Get a good night’s sleep before your session, eat well and avoid alcohol and drugs so you’re well rested for your tattoo. The pain is usually lower if you’re not tired or hungry.

The day of

Don’t moisturize your skin the day you get your tattoo since that can impact the stencil.
Put on clothes that make exposing the area you’re getting tattooed easy while still making your comfortable, here’s a little guide to help you choose the best clothing based on your tattoo placement: What to wear to your tattoo session
Bring water and snacks, especially if it’s gonna be a long session. You can also bring music and headphones to distract you during the process.
Bring a comfortable mask, I’m more comfortable with both of us wearing masks during the tattoo sessions.

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