Mastodon Tapes - Ritual dust


Tape collection

Just listing all the tapes from my collection here

Table of contents

Dark ambient

  • The search for the sulphurous well, Tommy Creep
  • Rites of blood and dust, Blood and dust
  • Sun of serpent, moone of cipher, Them Teeth
  • Auditory witchcraft, Them Teeth
  • Alkemisten & vansinnet, Them Teeth
  • Come, deathless, Surachai
  • Hinterpest, Mumbles

Synth music

  • Sortil├Ęges, Potochkine
  • Potochkine, Potochkine
  • The devil rides out, Dream division
  • Surlendemain acides, Autmelodi
  • Careful, Boy Harsher
  • Glider 10 reworks, The Sight below
  • ???, Cut Unconscious
  • The horizon kisses you until there’s nothing left, Lyndsie Alguire
  • ???, Cosmic highness
  • a passage in time, Dead can dance


  • Henbane, Culte des ghoules
  • Herbal noise, Hadewijch
  • Thee opener of the way, Primitive knot
  • Postum, Lord Summerisle
  • No dawn for men, Feminazgul
  • Interrupt request, C:>

Dungeon synth

  • I, Fief
  • II, Fief
  • III, Fief
  • IIII, Fief
  • Bohollow, Autumn
  • A spectral mist on hallows eve, Witch Haunt
  • Op under fjeldet toner en lur, Neverlur
  • Duskhymns, Cimitir
  • Assorted mushrooms of new england, Mycologia
  • The song of a long forgotten ghost, Mortiis
  • Magical atavism, Book of skelos


  • Within, Geist and the sacred ensemble
  • Dig in sessions: III, Geist and the sacred ensemble
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