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The software I use to create and complete my daily tasks

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Software tools for me are mostly a mean to an end, although I do enjoy building them if I have a specific problem and nothing is available that I find simple and efficient enough for the task. I’m currently migrating away from proprietary tools towards open source tools compatible with a wider range of OSes and that could run on my resilient computer . If you ever know of good tools that could replace some of the ones I’m using right now feel free to let me know!

Visual tools

  • Darktable for raw file editing
  • Krita for photo editing & digital painting
  • Noodle for low-resolution digital painting
  • Nasu for making pixel art and game tiles
  • Inkscape for vector
  • Blender for video editing and compositing
  • DaVinci Resolve © for video editing and color grading
  • Adobe InDesign ($) © for book layout (looking for an alternative)

Audio tools

  • Ableton Live ($) © as main DAW
  • Audacity for some simple audio file manipulation

Coding tools

  • Atom for code editing
  • Hugo for static site building


  • Left for notes and todo lists
  • Google calendar for time management (looking for an alternative)
  • Working on my own tool for budgeting
  • Tagr for mp3 file tagging
Last modified on 2024-05-08, published on 2021-07-19