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Tattoo ideas

Some of my tattoos on my legs
Some of my tattoos on my legs

I see my skin as my personal grimoire, adding to it as I make discoveries, have revelations, find talismans and artefacts, come up with new sigils and live new experiences. I also keep a list of tattoo ideas and things I’d like to add to the grimoire over time.

  • Ghost reading (inspired by Blashpemous)
  • Magic Square - SATOR AREPO
  • Magic circles
  • Stone circle (around belly button)
  • Skull on hand (by alixe cooper)
  • Sigils over elbows
  • Poe with lantern from zelda
  • Datajack on the neck
  • Goblin
  • neolithic maze symbol
  • Black swirl on elbow
  • Chandelier with ghost hand
  • Tattoos inspired by folklore
  • Swords / daggers
  • Medieval Mace
  • Bronze age artifacts
  • Dragon
  • Dungeon map / floor plan
  • Hand of glory
  • Medieval illustrations
  • henbane and other psychoactive witchy plants on my lower legs
  • Crossbow
  • Lord of the rings inspired tattoos
  • Frame saw
  • Heraldic griffin on my back
  • FOLK LORE on fingers (by Empousai )
  • Two crossed oak branches on my chest (by Alixe Cooper )
  • broken halberd on my leg by myself
  • Satanic skull with smoke by myself
  • GRIMOIRE over knee by myself
  • Two little imps with a trans symbol by myself
  • Sun scythe by myself
  • Little mouse with an eye by La Spectre
  • Big flail (by Empousai )
  • ONLY FREAKS lettering (by Horseforest )
  • Ghost with flail (by Meagan Blackwood )
  • Ghost pepper (by Evey lp)
  • Coffee ghost (by Evey lp)
  • Bike gear (by Evey lp)
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