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Tattoo station setup

Table of contents


Step 1: setup surface

  1. Wash your hands
  2. Put on gloves
  3. Spray top of station with water or alcohol
  4. Cover top of station with plastic film, leaving some overhanging
  5. Cover power supply with bag
  6. Tape a dental bib on top of station

Step 2: prepare supplies

If making a large tattoo or one with a lot of a color of ink it's best to take out more ink cups and fill them than having to refill during the tattoo
  1. Take out these supplies and lay them on the station:
  • new disposable razor
  • machine bag (cut a corner)
  • disposable grip (drop without touching)
  • clip cord bag (only touch ends)
  • wash bottle bag
  • rubber nipple
  • ink caps
  • small strip of tape
  • enough strips of paper towels for the tattoo
  1. Cover green soap bottle with a bottle bag, while touching the outside of the plastic as little as possible, making sure to cover the bottom, then put it on the station
  2. Using a wooden stick, scoop some vaseline and then using the other side scoop some shea butter (or other tattooing lotion), then put the vaseline on the top of station to hold the stick in place and stick it in in with the vaseline and lotion on top
  3. Get your ink caps out, dip the bottom of them in vaseline and stick them to the wooden stick
  4. Get the needles that you’ll need for the tattoo out and put them on the station

Step 3: prepare machine

Keep the machine and clip cord on the tattoo bed until they are fully bagged to prevent cross-contamination of the clean station
  1. Slide clip cord in clip cord bag while touching the bag as little as possible, protect part of clip cord closest to the machine
  2. Plug clip cord in power supply and keep the other end covered with the bag on the station
  3. Take the disposable grip and slide the tube part through the small hole in the machine bag, then reverse the bag on your hand and the grip
  4. Grab your machine and attach it to the grip, then pull back the machine bag on the machine
  5. Plug the clip cord in the machine and tape the machine bag close, now you can put the machine on the station

step 4: prepare tattoo bed

  1. Once everything is off the tattoo bed, spray it with medical disinfectant and leave it on for the maximum kill time
  2. Wrap the area where the tattooed body part if gonna be, plus a bit larger with plastic film
  3. If using an arm rest, clean it and cover it with plastic film too

Step 5: Prepare and apply stencil

Step 6: pour ink

  1. Once the stencil is applied and drying, put a new set of gloves
  2. Shake your ink and pour it in the ink cup and get ready for tattooing


  1. Wash your hands and put on gloves
  2. Remove needle from grip, put all needles in needle disposal container
  3. Remove the plastic covering the tattoo bed without touching the top surface, wrap it in a ball and throw it away
  4. Remove grip from machine and leave it on the station
  5. Drop machine and cable out of plastic on the tattoo bed, leave the bags on the station
  6. drop the wash bottle out of its bag onto the bed without touching it and leave the bag on the station
  7. Wrap all the stuff on the station in the plastic without touching the top surface and throw it away, removing your gloves at the same time
  8. Put on a new pair of gloves
  9. Spray the tattoo bed, station top, machine, wash bottle, clip cord and power supply with medical disinfectant and leave on for the maximum length of the kill time

Green soap recipe

In a 16 oz wash bottle mix the pure green soap with distilled water in a ration of 1 part green soap for 8 parts water.

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