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Tool chest

Tool chest in process of receiving tools

After years of thinking about it and pushing the project back, I finally tackled the building of a proper home for my hand tools. I’m trying to use as much of the wood I already have around to make it and the actual structure once was the case containing the first ever modular synth that I put together as a teen.

Since I didn’t wanted to draw a full precise plan of it and every tool, here are the guiding principles that I used as I fitted the tools:

  • Fit as much tools as possible
  • Keep all tools easily accessible, never more than 1 tool to remove to access any of them
  • Make each holder unique to the tool so it’s easy to find what goes where

This is still very much a work in progress. Once I’ll be done with the main cabinet, I’ll move on to the doors and then the finishing and hanging of the tool chest. I’ll try to document different phases of the project and show the final result in this project.

Last modified on 2024-07-11, published on 2021-06-04