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Tattoo stencil

Table of contents

Step 1: Find design size

  1. Print the design in black and white in a size that seems good for the placement
  2. Cut around the printed design and try it on the body of the client, making sure the size is good
  3. If needed, resize with the printer, print again and double check the new size

Step 2: Copy stencil by hand

  1. Once the good size was found, get a sheet of stencil paper and remove the tissue paper barrier
  2. Tape the printed design on top of the stencil paper to prevent it from moving
  3. Using a ballpoint pen, trace over the lines of the design while applying good pressure
  4. Before removing the design, make sure all the lines are copied
  5. Remove the taped design and cut the stencil to size
  6. Place it onto the tattoo bed, stencil side up

Step 2: Copy stencil with a thermal stencil machine

  1. Once the good size was found, tape the design on a blank sheet of paper, leaving some room at the bottom
  2. Get a sheet of stencil paper and remove the tissue paper barrier
  3. Place the stencil paper in the machine
  4. Place the sheet with the design in the machine
  5. Press copy and hold the stencil paper with both hands slowly pulling on it while it copies the design
  6. Once the copy is done cut around the stencil and place it onto the tattoo bed, stencil side up

Step 3: Prep skin

  1. Wash your hands and put on some gloves
  2. Take your razor and shave very closely the area you’re gonna tattoo + around 2 inches
  3. After the skin is shaved, use an alcohol pad or prep stuff to sterilize the skin

Step 4: Apply stencil

  1. Once the alcohol has dried, apply a moderately generous amount of stencil stuff to the area, spreading it with your finger to get an even thin coat
  2. Hold the stencil over the area and when really sure of placement apply it onto the skin starting from the middle
  3. Slowly stick the rest of the stencil to the skin with your finger working from the middle towards the outside
  4. Rub it slightly when it’s all stuck to the skin
  5. Slowly peel the stencil off
  6. Leave to dry for around 10 minutes
Last modified on 2024-07-11, published on 2022-04-18