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Magical Correspondences

Correspondences are links between different symbolic ideas, objects, moments and ingredients. These are useful in different magical and alchemical practices to enhance the effect of a spell or ritual. I also find them useful as reference to create symbolic artworks , create sigils or to be used as a guide and tool for introspection and self-discovery.

Day correspondences

Day Intent Planet Astrological sign Element Colors Deities
Monday Emotions, dreams, clairvoyance Moon Cancer Water White and greys Selene, Luna, Diana, and Artemis
Tuesday intent Mars Scorpio Fire Red and warm shades Mars, Ares
Wednesday Communication, writing, art, creativity, mental activities Mercury Gemini, Virgo Air Yellow, grey and mixed hues Mercury, Hermes
Thursday Intentions, abondance, goals, opportunities Jupiter Sagittarius, Pisces Fire Blue and purple Zeus and Thor
Friday Love, friendship, emotions, beauty, sex Venus Libra, Taurus Air, Water Green, light blue, pink and copper Venus, Aphrodite
Saturday Retribution, banishment, protection Saturn Capricorn Earth Black and dark shades Saturn, Hecate
Sunday intent Sun Leo Fire Gold and orange Helios, Apollo, Lugh, and Bel
Last modified on 2024-07-11, published on 2021-12-23