Hand holding small boline
Hand holding small boline

Druidism and magic for me is closely tied to the cycles of sprouting, growth, death and decay present in nature and how it reflects our own internal psychological cycles while going through moments of painful growth and also to societal cycles of progress and deep change. The more i become aware of my own cycles, the more i can live in a deliberate way with them and contribute more to societal growth.

The three yearnings of druids:

  • To be fully creative in our lives,
  • to commune deeply with the world of Nature,
  • and to gain access to a source of profound wisdom

“If we wish to live in authentic cooperation with the planet and its host of spirits, de-centering our narratives and putting our ear to the ground to listen for instruction is the first step.”
– Melissa Madara

Celebrations and important calendar dates


The Druid festival of the Goddess, particularly Brighid, celebrated around 1st February in the Northern Hemisphere, 1st August in the Southern.


The Druid festival dedicated to celebrating Spring and the union of God and Goddess. Meaning ‘The Good Fire’, Beltane celebrations usually include leaping over a bonfire. Celebrated around 1st May in the Northern Hemisphere, 1st October in the Southern.


The Druid festival of the Harvest, celebrated around 1st August in the Northern Hemisphere, 1st February in the Southern.


The Druid festival of the Ancestors – a time for honouring those who have died, celebrated around 1st November in the Northern Hemisphere, 1st May in the Southern.

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