Sigils and symbols

“In the field of the truly esoteric, words are the sigils of power that form as the inner world takes outer form. They develop a greater meaning and purpose as we formulate the grand sum of experience into singular flowing points. Even the act of writing is itself a magical act, a ritualistic focusing and a scriptural act of devotion.”

My new sigil, created as part of my gender transition process breaks away from the rigidity and cleanness of the previous symbol, embracing imperfections and intuition in it’s drawing. It’s elements intersecting and colliding without being constrained.

The oil and sugar symbol originates from an old stylized signature from my art school years. While doing some research on alchemical iconography I realized that the two symbols formed by this combination of the letters T O & M corresponded to the alchemical symbols for oil and sugar, hence the name.

Two sigils written in red ink on paper
Grounded in my truth, open to change

Last modified on 2021-11-29, published on 2020-10-19