Weird walking

The Weird Walk zine put a name on something I’ve always loved to do, wander around cities and nature, following previously unknown paths, keeping my eyes and my mind open for new experiences and noticing weirdness when I encounter it.

I want to keep an irregular log of some of my weird walks here and add notes and references of previous weird walkers.

Year Walk 2020 - two days before the winter solstice

I put on my ritual leaf crown, grabbed a lantern and ventured out in the cold empty streets and alleyways of Montreal. This was a walk I had to do alone. It was a moment I gave myself to thread new paths, going down the darkest routes without any map, open to what I could find around and inside of me. I became more confortable with some of my fears in the process and discovered a renewed creative flow of ideas.

Summer solstice 2021 - the day before summer solstice

Surreal combination of urban and natural landscape
Surreal combination of urban and natural landscape

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